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Despite having worked with several people either on a one-to-one basis or within organisations, I am always excited when I a take on a new client as I know I will be learning from them as much as I hope they will be learning from me, my way of working, sharing and coaching.

My Background: A trained coach of over 20 years, I started my first business in the work of personal growth at the age of 19,  and have had quite a colourful journey ever since, attracting an array of clientele and coaching opportunities. 

I have worked with professionals, women in need, students, start ups, young people,  social enterprises, charities , young offenders, ex-offenders, CEO’s, and boards of trustees. So a very mixed bag indeed all of which has contributed to my unique style of conversational coaching and ability to really empathise with my clients.

My approach – I am not someone who believes in telling people what to do. I inherently believe if you ask the right questions, and work with people to find their own answers that is a lot more powerful and tends to lead to real and lasting change. 

Prices: I haven’t advertised my prices simply because I do not want my rates to be a reason why people don’t get in contact. If my style and your needs are a good fit then, depending on what you are looking for, I am sure we will be able to make it work in some way.

DISCLAIMER: Sadly I am not a sales person, so if you have questions please feel free to ask. I assure you both myself and my pa neither have the desire nor the time to hound you re our services.

We are far too laid back to put any effort into persuading someone who simply does not wish to work with me.  My team  and I happily work on the basis that the right people will say yes, it seems to have worked wonderfully well so far 😉

So I look forward to hearing from you when, and if, this is for you!  

All the best

Mary xx